Juan Carlos of Spain. Self-made monarch

juan_carlos_of_spain2King Juan Carlos of Spain is currently one of the world’s most popular and respected statesmen. This largely reflects the interest and admiration he has aroused both at home and abroad on account of his decisive contribution to the establishment and consolidation of democracy in Spain following the death of General Franco in November 1975. While seeking to determine the precise nature of his role in this process, widely publicised as a result of his part in aborting the military coup of February 1981, this political life of Juan Carlos also aims to shed new light on lesser-known episodes of his life, including his childhood and adolescence, the process leading to his proclamation as Franco’s successor in 1969 and his performance as Prince of Spain (1969-75). Additionally, it deals in detail with the King’s current role as constitutional monarch, his efforts to hold the newly created semi-federal Spanish state together, and his hitherto ignored contribution to foreign policy.

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