2018 European Think Tank Summit

Charles Powell took part in the 2018 European Think Tank summit, which was held in Berlin and co-hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tank and Civil Society Program, which is led by Professor Jim Mcgann.

Presentation of the report 'Why does Latin America matter?'

Charles Powell, Director of the Elcano Royal Institute, Spain’s leading international relations think tank, introduced the report and explained the origins of the project which had given rise to it. Carlos Malamud, Senior Analyst for Latin America at Elcano and coordinator of the report, provided further details of the paper’s contents. The event was chaired by Robert Capurro, Canning House CEO.

Brussels preparing to take Spain's side in Gibraltar's negotiations

Powell said: ‘In a sense, Britain has to accept that from now on the Commission will be on Spain’s side, because Spain is a member and Britain is not’.

Seminar: 'A rules-based international liberal order: cooperation between Europe, Japan and likeminded countries'

This seminar, jointly organised by the Elcano Royal Institute and the Japanese Embassy in Madrid, analysed the relationship between Spain, Europe and Japan and explored ways in which they might contribute to the establishment of a fairer and more inclusive liberal international order.

Raisina Dialogue 2018

Charles Powell took part in a panel on the future of the European Union organised in the context of the third edition of the Raisina Dialogue 2018, which was held in New Delhi (India) from 16 to 18 January. The theme of this year’s edition was ‘Managing Disruptive Transitions: Ideas, Institutions and Idioms’.  

Polarised Catalonia and its political stalemate

Yesterday’s election in Catalonia has produced some striking results, but ultimately it has solved little, leaving the most pressing questions currently facing this highly polarised region largely unanswered. The anti-secessionist Ciudadanos (Citizens), a party which only obtained 3 seats in the 2006 elections, scored a remarkable victory, winning 25% of the vote and 36 seats, […]

Spanish State Visit

La Revista, The British Spanish Magazine, December 2017, nº 245

'Will the Catalan elections settle the independence issue?'

I think Catalan society is more or less evenly split into two blocs, and whoever wins will win by a very small margin. In fact, the outcome I am predicting right now is almost a repeat of the 2015 election results. In other words, a situation in which the pro-independence parties would have more seats, but without a majority of votes, and I don’t think that will significantly change the status quo’.

Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George

Charles Powell was invested a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George for services to British-Spanish relations by HRH The Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace  

Judy Asks: Can Spain Keep Together?

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