Daniel Runde talks to Charles Powell about Ukraine's economic transformation

Daniel Runde, senior Vice president of the CSIS, talks to Charles Powell, Director of the Elcano Royal Institute, on the reconstruction of Ukraine after a year of war since the Russian invasion. The role of the European Union and Spain in its upcoming European presidency will be key elements in developing a roadmap that will generate challenges and opportunities for European and Spanish companies.

A conversation with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Spain

The event which was hosted by the Embassy of Lithuania in Spain; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain and the Elcano Royal Institute was moderated by Charles Powell.

Desayuno de trabajo con los jefes de Misión de los países de la UE

Organizado por el embajador de la Republica checa en Madrid, Ivan Jančárek, Charles Powell compartió un desayuno de trabajo con los embajadores de la Unión Europea en Madrid, en el que además de analizar la política interna de España, analizó, entre otros temas, las consecuencias de la agresión rusa para la Unión Europea y la OTAN.

What does Albania bring to Europe? Exploring and enhancing a narrative of the mutual benefit of EU integration

Charles Powell took part in a panel held in Tirana (Albania) on the future of the European Union and its enlargement, which was hosted by the Albanian Institute of International Studes, the Albanian Media Institute, and the embassies of Spain and Italy.

9th Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate

Charles Powell took part in a panel entitled ‘Alignments and realignments in the international order. Europe’, which explored the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on NATO and the European Union.

'Spain after Covid-19: The good, the bad and the ugly'

Lecture by Dr. Charles Powell at the European Studies Center on the economic, political, and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in Spain and its consequences for the country’s future development.

Charles Powell talks to Eamon Gilmore, European Union Special Representative for Human Rights

Eamon Gilmore and Charles Powell discussed the role of the European Union in promoting Human Rights, peace and stability within the EU and around the world.

4th Clingendael-Elcano Royal Institute Roundtable

The Fourth Elcano-Clingendael annual roundtable was held in The Hague with the title ‘Spain, the Netherlands and Europe’s new geopolitical reality’. The event was attended, amongst others, by the foreign ministers of Spain and The Netherlands, José Manuel Albares and Wopke Hoekstra.

‘Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum 2022'

Charles Powell took part in the the sixth edition of the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum Conference, hosted by the New Strategy Center (Bucharest, Romania).

'Bled Strategic Forum: The rule of power or the power of rules?'

Charles Powell took part in the panel entitled ‘How many futures for the European Union?’, which mainly explored the impact of Russia’a war on Ukraine on the EU’s role as a regional and global actor.

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