The Year of Living Dangerously: The European Union and its Eastern Neighbours in 2008

English version of ‘El año que vivimos peligrosamente: la Unión Europea y su vecindario oriental en 2008’ Panorama Estratégico 2008/2009, Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégicos del Ministerio de Defensa y Real Instituto Elcano    

Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo: corrigiendo el rumbo de una democracia amenazada

Revista de Occidente, nº 336, 2009 (pp. 41-58).

The Long Road to Europe. Spain and the European Community, 1957-86

This article seeks to commemorate thirty years of Spanish membership of the European Union by providing an account of the evolution of the country’s relationship with the European integration process from its origins to the moment of accession in 1986.

The United States and Spain, from Franco to Juan Carlos

Nigel Townson (ed), Spain Transformed. The Late Franco Dictatorship, 1959-1975, Palgrave MacMillan, Londres, 2007, (pp. 227-247).

'Lessons from the Spanish Transition'

Charles Powell took part in the conference on ‘Democratic Transitions in Europe and Latin America: Lessons for the Arab World?’, organized by he Arab Reform initiative, FRIDE, and the Club de Madrid on 24-25 March, in Madrid.

Did terrorism sway Spain’s election?

Current History, vol. 103, nº 676, November 2004, (pp. 376-382).

Spain's heir

A review of ‘Juan Carlos: A People’s King’, by Paul Preston (2004, Harper Collins).

Spanish membership of the European Union revisited

South European Society and Politics, Vol. 8, 1&2, Winter 2003, (pp. 147-168).

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