A quick analysis of the general election held in Spain on 10 November 2019

‘Global Europe: Challenges and Opportunities: The View from Madrid‘

As a global actor, the European Union faces major challenges and opportunities. In his address to the IIEA, Dr Powell explored the Union’s role in an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world, in which the survival of the rules-based international order that has served Europe so well can no longer be taken for granted. In particular, he examined how the EU should respond to the growing US-China rivalry, the future of the transatlantic relationship, and the debate over ‘strategic autonomy’. Dr Powell also reviewed Spain’s contribution to the EU’s efforts to establish itself as a relevant and credible global actor.

What comes after Spain's election?

Senior Associate Ana Martínez is joined by Charles Powell, director of think tank Real Instituto Elcano, and Laura Bardone, country head for Spain in the European Commission’s DG ECFIN, to discuss the outcomes of the recent Spanish elections and potential policies of a left-wing government and what it means for Spain’s ambitions in the EU.

'Bled Strategic Forum'

Charles Powell attended the Bled Strategic Forum, which has rapidly become Slovenia’s annual flagship foreign policy event, where he chaired a session, co-hosted by the Elcano Royal Institute, on ‘What lies ahead for the new European Commission?’

Entrevista en el programa 'La Observadora'

Conversation with Charles Powell

Charles Powell, director of the Elcano Royal Institute, talks to journalist Matthew Bennett about globalization and its consequences, the causes of populism, the future of the liberal international order, the state of European intregration, Spain’s role in the EU, the need to reform the Spanish Constituion of 1978, and the Catalan conundrum.

Entrevista: 'La figura del Rey eclipsó a la propia institución'

Con motivo del 80 cumpleaños de Don Juan Carlos, el profesor Powell fue entrevistado por Carlos Herrera.

El 'Brexit' será más costoso para el Reino Unido que para Europa

Charles Powell, director del Real Instituto Elcano, fue entrevistado en el Informativo 24 Horas de Radio Nacional de España por su director, Miguel Ángel Domínguez, con quien pasó revista a cuestiones de actualidad como las posibles consecuencias del ‘Brexit’ y la política exterior de Donald Trump. La entrevista finalizó con un curioso enigma musical.

'Reflexions en clau europea i global'

‘A la tercera hora del programa, hem conversat amb el director del Real Instituto Elcano, el Dr. Charles Powell, protagonista ahir de la tercera conferència del cicle ‘Diàlegs europeus a Andorra’, que organitza l’Ambaixada d’Espanya a Andorra.

The role of pacts in Spain's transition to democracy.

A lecture on the Spanish transition to democracy delivered by Charles Powell at a Seminar on ‘Poland’s Peaceful Revolution’, held at St. Antony’s College, Oxford.

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