International aspects of democratization: revisiting the Spanish case

What role did external actors play in Spain’s transition to democracy?

Article in Antonis Klapsis, Constantine Arvanitopoulos, Evanthis Hatzivassiliou and Effie G. H. Pedaliu (eds.), The Greek Junta and the international system. A case study of South European dictatorships, 1967-74 (Routledge, London, 2020)

The 1981 coup d’état and trial in Spain: possible lessons for Turkey

This paper briefly analyses the attempted coup d’état carried out in Spain in February 1981 and the trial that was held in its termath, with a view to extracting possible lessons that might prove useful to those currently engaged in post-coup justice in Turkey.

Polarised Catalonia and its political stalemate

Yesterday’s election in Catalonia has produced some striking results, but ultimately it has solved little, leaving the most pressing questions currently facing this highly polarised region largely unanswered. The anti-secessionist Ciudadanos (Citizens), a party which only obtained 3 seats in the 2006 elections, scored a remarkable victory, winning 25% of the vote and 36 seats, […]

Spanish State Visit

La Revista, The British Spanish Magazine, December 2017, nº 245

¿Tiene futuro el orden liberal internacional?

Hoy nos enfrentamos al reto de construir un nuevo orden internacional sin que exista un claro consenso previo sobre los principios en los que pudiera asentarse.

Revisiting Spain's Transition to Democracy

Contribution to Senén Florensa (ed.), ‘The Arab transitions in a changing world. Building democracies in light of international experiences’, which collects the papers presented at a conference hosted by IEMed in Barcelona in 2014.

Royal Relations

The involvement of kings and queens in international diplomacy is nothing new, but the monarchies of Spain and the UK have a particularly interesting shared history.

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