Seminar ‘NATO and European-ROK global cooperation on security’

Building on the political and strategic rapprochement between NATO and its Asia-Pacific partners (AP4), emphasized during NATO’s 2022 Madrid Summit, this public seminar, organized in collaboration with the Korean Foundation, gathed South Korean, Japanese, Spanish and European government officials, business representatives, and academic experts to share and disseminate cross-country perspectives on the benefits of enhanced like-minded cooperation on security between European members of NATOS and the AP4, focusing on the special case of South Korea.

Fifth Spain-Israel Strategic Dialogue

Globsec Forum 2023

Charles Powell took part in the Globsec Forum 2023 which took place in Bratislava (Slovakia)

GLOBSEC Young Leaders Forum

Charles Powell took part in the panel discussion called: Running Up That Hill: The State of Europe’s Democracy. This session was a part of the GLOBSEC Forum 2023.

GLOBSEC Young Leaders Forum is one of the most prestigious meetings of young professionals and future decision-makers in Central Europe, aiming to connect young professionals not only with their fellows but also with distinguished leaders and experts.

Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum 2023

Charles Powell took part in the panel discussion called ‘European Strategic Autonomy in the Next Decade. Reality or Utopia?’. The moderator of the panel was Ambassador Gheorghe Magheru, Member of the Scientific Council of the New Strategy Center, Romania. As speakers participated Ambassador Wolfgang ISCHINGER, Chairman of the Board of the Munich Security Conference Foundation, (Germany), François Heisbourg, Special Advisor, Foundation for Strategic Research, France, and Bart Kot, Programme Director, Warsaw Security Forum, Poland.

Conference in the Romanian Diplomatic Institute

Charles Powell gave a talk on ‘The EU’s trilemma: the US, China, and the Global South’ at the Romanian Diplomatic Institute, where he was introduced by its director, Liliana Popescu-Bîrlan.  

Jornada 'Sendas geopolíticas de la transición energética: la relación transatlántica'

The Naturgy Foundation and the Elcano Royal Institute have organised a workshop in which the geopolitical implications of the energy transition were analyzed.

'La guerra de Ucrania y sus consecuencias geopolíticas'

Charles Powell repasa en el Club las causas, reacciones y consecuencias de la guerra en Ucrania. En este momento ‘nuestro escenario base es que la guerra va a perdurar, pues las dos partes tienen materiales y capacidades para hacerlo’.

Seminario 'América Latina y Unión Europea: una mirada cruzada'

Organizado por la Embajada de España en Chile; AthenaLab y el Real Instituto Elcano, el seminario contó, entre otros, con las intervenciones de Gloria de la Fuente, subsecretaria de Relaciones Externas de Chile; Rafael Garranzo García, embajador de España en Chile; Juan Pablo Toro, director ejecutivo de Athenalab; Carlos Malamud, investigador del Real Instituto Elcano; Carolina Valdivia, investigadora CEP/ATHENALAB; Charles Powell, director del Real Instituto Elcano; David Gallagher, embajado e Ignacio Mardones, jefe de Desarrollo y Estrategia ATHENALAB.

2023 Dahrendorf Colloquium: Europe and Freedom

Charles Powell took part in the 14th Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium (2023), which was hosted by the St Antony’s College (University of Oxford).

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